Bradville and New Bradwell

Bradville and New Bradwell are residential areas situated in North Milton Keynes. Pictured below is a popular walk along the Grand Union Canal that runs through Bradville.

New Bradwell developed in the mid 19th Century as a residential area for workers from the Wolverton railway works.Bradwell Windmill is situated on the southern bank of the Grand Union Canal.It was built in 1817 and was used as a mill until 1871.The street names in Bradville are based on the parish history.

McLaren Pharmacies, 32 St James Street, New Bradwell. Tel: MK 313389.

Convenience Stores:
Wheatsheaf Stores, 103 Bradwell Road, Bradville.

First Schools (ages 4 to 8):
Pepper Hill County First School, Kingsfold, Bradville. Tel: MK 312912.

Middle Schools (ages 8 to 12):
Stanton Middle School, Fairfax, Bradville. MK 221242.

Combined Schools (ages 4 to 12):New Bradwell County Combined School, Bounty Street, New Bradwell. Tel: MK 312244.To read Ofsted reports click here